Sunday, 5 April 2015

Slice of Life #31: School

can be fun
can be tiring
can be stressful
can be drama full
can be wishful
can be hopeful
can be sadness
can be homework
can be piles
can be anger
can be teachers
can be students
can be glue sticks
can be whiteboards
can be pens
can be tests
can be feet
can be shoes
can be quizzes
can be laptops
can be classes
can be annoying
can be awesome
can be amazing
can be the worst
can be the best
can be the best ever
can be your favorite
can be full of bullies
can be full of friends
can have nice people
can have nasty people
can be droopy
can be depressing
can be a love story
can be a story of best friends 
can be a story of the worst friends
can be a story of trust
can be a story of distrust
can be childhood
can be pre-teen
can be teenagers
can be adults


to remember.

Slice of Life #30: A Little Tired

"Arend, I can't find it! This is driving me crazy..." ~ That is my mom looking for her lost item to pack. My dad smiles to her. "Calm down, you'll find it soon." My six year old brother, Chace, smirks. "Ha. That's just like my life." Well I guess I know why he said that. It's ten o'clock at night.

My sister, Esmay, my mom and Chace were sitting in the back of a taxi, talking about law school (because Esmay wants to join it someday) and having a good conversation on how long it takes to graduate, what if you were a doctor, etc. After the conversation dies down and a silence fogs the air, Chace jumps forward and says "JINX!" Everyone stares at him. "Chace, what?" Chace smiles. "You guys said 'lawyer' at the same time!" Esmay smirks. "Yeah, like twenty minutes ago!" Chace leans back down and falls asleep.


a picture by my mother :)

Slice of Life #29: Airplanes



Travelling systems
bringing you safely
to the place of your dreams
with your family
and friends
crossing the last box off of my bucket list!

This is my life span of planes:

4 years old -- 10 years old ____________________ 11 years old
I LOVE PLANES!            ____________________ I DON'T LIKE PLANES!

I don't like planes, but at the same time, I like to think about how it's gonna be awesome coming back. But on the other hand, I am so afraid of airplanes crashing or breaking down or turbulence that on the flight I wrap myself in a never ending cocoon of blankets or hug whoever is sitting next to me, and squeeze my eyes shut.

 But again, for some reason, I love airports. Even though it's full of grumpy and anxious people, I love it. I cannot explain it. 

What do you think?

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Slice of Life #28: Sunglasses

they cover your sparkling jewels
they have a tint to them that you can never forget
you remember them on sunny beach trips
because they give you a shine you've never had before
they close and open like a wallet
full of money
yet they have a different look
that makes you feel protected from anything
even though, they're just sunglasses
they're like celebrities
and they make you seem like one, too
they're not afraid to share
they break. 
What can you do?
You buy a pair new. 

Friday, 27 March 2015

Slice of Life #27: Bali

Wanna know where I'm at for spring break? Well, I'm at Bali.

I've been to Bali quite a few times, because the place I lived last (Jakarta) was right next to Bali, and it was so nearby and inexpensive that our whole family could go without paying too much. It's located in Indonesia, and quite a beautiful place. It's full of amazing wildlife, culture, hiking trips, volcanoes, and hippies just like me! I love it there, it's so packed full of everything, it will be fun for everyone. It's really easy to fit in with everything and get used to it. I think it's amazing. For me, I love wildlife and nature, and it's my all time dream to move into wildlife and experience life as a true animal, and Bali is the compromise. 

There are two different sides. There is the 'resort and villa' side, where people go to restaurants, beaches, and volcanoes. Then there is the 'country' side, where there are tons of plantations and rainforests. Bali is quite the place. For the place I'm staying, it's right in the middle. My resort is huge and beautiful, and on the 'resort and villa' side, but when you leave, it's all 'country' side. I think that a Bali experience could never be a bad one, because after all, you have nature. And nature is what keeps us alive. 
Have an amazing spring break everyone!
the 'country' side

this is the 'resort and villa' side

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Slice of Life #26: Tears From Me

"Swim." Is all that I can think to myself. I swim and swim and... swim. SWIM. I hold Angela close to me. I can see a small speck in the distance... land. LAND! I swim as fast as I can. I can hear... another breath. Not from me. I turn around. No one. I look everywhere, no one is there. I look down to Angela. Her eyes are open. "Angela?" Her eyes stay the same. "Julie?" She says. I smile. "You can put me down, if you want." I smile. "Let's go. I see some land." I let go of her. Her arms move swiftly in the water. The water feels suddenly calm and peaceful, not a deadly void. 


My legs are almost boneless. I drag myself through the sand with my arms. It's natural grittiness scrapes my elbows and knees. "We're here!" I scream through my vocal chords. My squeaky, tired voice echoes through every tree and speck of sand. I can feel it rumble through my lungs. Angela splits onto the floor, leaving everything she has behind her. She lay on the sand, face up, staring at the sky. "We should search in the forest." I say, and Angela nods. She looks extremely exhausted. I stand up, on two wobbly feet, and start my journey. 

The trees feel damp and comforting, as if everything here is... safe. I stare up at the sky, which still remains blue and white. Its spots let me relax, and I plop onto a pile of twigs and leaves. Angela sits next to me. "The sky is beautiful." I close my eyes. "Now what? What are we supposed to do?" I say to Angela. She smiles. "Peace." 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Slice of Life #25: Lost With Me

My ginger hair is soaked. Angela has trouble breathing. "Angela, only a little longer. Let's float for a little while." She nods her head over the water. "Julie, stop... please." She says. I stop and bring my chest up to the water. "Float, float, float." She tells me. "I am, I am!" I swim back to her, and pull her above the water. She catches her breath and calms down. Her whole face rests, along with her body as if they were partners in crime. "Thank you... but... I can't keep up." I smile. "Yes, you can! You can!" She shakes her head, and her straight brown hair waves with it in the water. "Swim. Swim." I nod my head, knowing how stubborn she is. I swim forward, faster and faster until Angela is an unmoving speck in the distance. "I love you..." She yells quietly before sinking. She floats back up. She doesn't move.

I stop moving, too. Tears mix with the water underneath me. I stare into the never ending distance of water. "I love you, too, Angela." And I realise, she can't hear me. I can't help but... swim. I swim to her. Once I come to her corpse, I hold her. I hold her in my heart. "You're better now. Better." I close her eyes for her. I comb through her hair with my fingers. I bring her with me. I swim with her, holding her hand the whole way, even though I'm not going anywhere. I'm basically swimming in oblivion. I'm swimming in the void. I'm swimming in nothing, with a dead body next to me. The dead body of my best friend.